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I have been…


decluttering, Fall Cleaning, organizing and making a whirlwind trip down to Florida and back in 4 days and getting ready for a rush of friends and then family for a visit here.


not my house but my blog.  I had the sweetest note sent to me that made me rethink my blogging.  I won’t go into it and don’t need to really.  I knew it was something I needed to do.


and coming to quite a few realizations about myself many of which I have some of you ladies to thank for.  Again, I won’t go into it and do not feel the need to.  It will be pretty self explanatory as time permits.  There are a few of you who will understand.  😉


to make the shift over from one place to another but wordpress does not like it when you are logged on to two different blogs at the same time.  Please bear with me as I slowly make the move.

So where am I?

I’m still with wordpress but under my name.  No more mysteries…just me.  🙂



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Doing Some Plate Clearing

The beginning of every month, I go through my calendar to see what we have going on for the month ahead and sometimes further.


This helps me get into some sort of mindset of preparing, planning and trying not to let the ball drop.  Right now, that ball is bouncing all over the place and I’m most definitely feeling it.

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I’ll be right back…


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